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This is the BIGGEST in the On-Energy solar generator series. With capacity of 1000wh, it is suitable for students, workers, families who need mobile power for work, entertainment, study or fun. This monster size power station is able to power midrange devi

ces  such as Blenders, lcd/led Tv’s, laptops, phones, deskjet printers, cameras drones  etc.


This Generator Does not come with Solar Panel




  • 220v 50hz ac output 500w.
  • LCD display, for energy consumption
  • Powered by 1000wh lithium battery.
  • MPPT solar charge controller
  • Powers laptops for 20 hours +
  • Phone USB charging up to 20 times +
  • 50w 32′ Led TV for 18 hours +
  • 65w Fan for 12 hours +



Multiple safety features

  • Over charge protection
  • Over load protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Temperature control.
  • Device charges 4 to 5 hours using the supplied adapter.
  • Rechargeable from both solar and wall adapter

Compatible devices include

  • Blender,
  • phones,
  • laptops,
  • Deskjet printers,
  • 3 in 1 printers,
  • portable radio,
  • monitor,
  • desk lamp,
  • Bluetooth speakers,
  • cameras,
  • LED/LCD tv
  • Tablets, DVD,
  • A.C and D.C bulbs,
  • Fan

Prohibited devices (Very high power devices)

Electric cookers, fridge, electric irons, A.C etc.

Advantage over other power stations

  • The A.C outlet lets you make use of the original chargers for your laptops, phones and other devices as the manufacturer intended, there by protecting your expensive devices from being damaged by faulty power banks.
  • The device can be charged with grid power, generator or solar panel

On-Energy 1000wh, 500w Solar Generator Without Solar panel

₦192,999.00 Regular Price
₦191,069.01Sale Price
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