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Maintenance Hackers

The longevity of an Appliance, Device, Automobile, Machine and Component depends on the owner's Maintenance approach. Be it a corrective, preventive, predetermine, conditioned-based or towards predictive approach, a qualified professional is required for it may require the knowledge of failure mechanism, the mean time to failure(MTTF) statistics or the use of a computerized maintenance management system(CMMS).

Every components used in manufacturing a certain product do have it breaking point and limitation, be it aging, temperature variance, impact absorption, etc. with the knowledge invoked rightly, we can schedule a perfect maintenance calendar that would not only save us money but also prolong the lifespan of our machines, devices, automobiles etc. and kick against embarrassment and uncomfortable situations as well.

Merged Engineering Services Limited (MES) is the right company for your maintenance services. we are accountable, reliable and detail-oriented. we don't wait for a breakdown before we take action. We have qualified and responsible service delivering Craftsmen, Artisans, Plumbers, Mason, mechanics, Technicians and Engineers who are ready to inhale the soot at night and absorb the rain and sun rays in the day to give your facility a lively look.

Here's what you want

  • Privacy and Security.

  • Quick response and Accountability.

  • Perfection and a eye into the future.

  • A reliable team with a good update communication software.

  • A no Profiteering team.

The good news is we are aware of your needs and we are here to offer unprecedented services at an affordable rate. we are the Engineering Hub of the Nation and we represent with class and perfection. We Design, Build, finish properties and also renovate and redesign existing properties.

log on to for more details.

For partnership and sponsors, please send an email to or call 08082386541, 09061792012 for more information.

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