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Who's MES

Merged Engineering Services Limited(MES) was founded in August 2020. The company houses diverse group of Engineers focused on constructing Modern houses, Estate Facilities, Company facilities, and Smart Homes. MES also holds expertise in Facility Management, Maintenance services and provides clients with commercial and residential facility services. MES supplies construction materials, finishing products, furniture, household electronics/machines, and Smart devices. MES designs, plan, build, renovate, and remodel commercial and residential facilities using cutting-edge procedures and cost-efficient Plans. Profiteering is never an attribute of MES, but Simplicity, Comfort, and Satisfaction are.

The team includes:

MIracle Anemeke, ThankGod Nnaji, Ejimofor Izuchukwu, Aniebiet Okon, Charles Inokon, Atanang Etim, and other behind the curtain supporters, sponsors and partners.

Man is constantly searching for Simplicity, Comfort, and Satisfaction (SCS) at an affordable rate, and these cravings must come with a split-second transfer of raw imaginations into perfectly crafted and modeled real-time upshots. However, in most cases, instantaneous results may propose dire outcomes or an exorbitant budget, or both, since there's a bank for money and knowledge, MES created a bank for experience and hence, can absorb instantaneous spikes in projects, effortlessly. With MES, the thrust during designing, development, project management, material negotiations, and facility maintenance are pulled away from our clients.

With our trained service workers and great customer care respondents, qualified professionals, split-second call to fix response team, educated Craftsmen, technicians, artisans, and super fast delivery agents, we assure you of effortless job execution and unprecedented delivery.

what we do.

  • Maintenance Services (Repairs, Replacement and installation of Electrical/Electronic devices/Appliances and generators, Compound landscaping, Renovations, Redesigning, painting, and plumbing services).

  • Contracts/Supplies (Designing buildings, inverter/solar installations, House Renovation or Construction contracts, supply of Building material, Smart devices and Furniture).

  • Domotics (installation, repairs and replacement of smart devices. Automation services and smart device consultation).

When you subscribe to our services or request for our services here is what we’ll do.......

  • We will provide updates on the must-do and the nice-to-do updates in your facility and upon approval, we’ll implement the updates.

  • We'll provide various guides on how to save Energy, obtain maximum satisfaction from devices/appliances, and how to improve the longevity of the various devices/appliances/materials/cars/machines.

  • Upon paying our engagement fee, we’ll provide three different designs, once a decision is made, we’ll build to finish with transparency and no profiteering.

  • We'll provide daily/weekly/monthly updates, maintenance (repair, installation, and replacement) due dates for cars and other devices, and keep records for future references.

  • we'll respond as fast as possible when our clients initiates a call or request.

  • we'll keep track of every project and keep proper documentation using the best software and apps for future references.

  • Housekeeping is a part of our services.

How to subscribe or request for our services.

For Maintenance services

Log on to, click the plan icon on the header and choose one of the three plans(gold, silver and platinum) and proceed to payment. once the payment is received, we'll get to you.

NOTE: When you subscribe to any of the plans, the subscription covers the service charge for that particular facility for the duration and has limitations and restrictions depending on the number of items in the maintenance list. The cost of materials and miscellaneous are not included but however the event will be conducted such that there's discount, transparency and clarity.

For contracts and supplies.

From the homepage click request a quote, fill the form, describe the quote and submit, we'll respond as soon as possible.

For product purchasing/order, navigate to the product pages or use the category icon (MES SHOP) to search for the exact building material, smart devices or furniture required, provide delivery information and proceed to payment. we'll provide a tracking link on the ordered materials.

For partnership and sponsors, please send an email to or call 08082386541, 09061792012 for more information.

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