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Construction and Remodeling Company in Nigeria

construction and remodeling company in Nigeria


What We Do ?

Construction and Remodeling Company in Nigeria. Merged Engineering Services Limited (MES) is an Engineering Company focused on constructing Modern houses, Estate Facilities, company facilities, and Smart Homes. We also hold expertise in facilities management and provide our clients with commercial and residential facilities services in Akwa Ibom. We are a professional supplier of residential construction materials, finishing products, household electronics, and home automation systems. We are aware of the quality boundaries, competency, customer satisfaction, contentment, profiteering, and satisfaction and we are sure not to break your trust. We are ready to design,  plan, build, renovate, and remodel your dream home, and business facilities with cutting-edge procedures and cost-efficient plans.


What is Our Vision

Merged Engineering Services is a company that specializes in smart home construction services, building a home from the ground up, and also in home construction services. One can only surmise that the need for high-quality smart home construction services in Nigeria is a result of the dramatic increase in population size and its attendant need for shelter, security, and comfort.

Smart Housing is the future and MES takes pride in being the reliable Facilities management and services provider of smart homes and business facilities. As the best Construction and Remodeling Company in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, our vision is to provide automation that brings comfort and satisfaction gives us more time to work profitably, and provides us with family quality time. MES, the Facilities Management & Services provider, is continuously on the lookout for new automated procedures to help the world work smarter and live smarter. We hope to offer the best market prices and create a large but simple grid system that links every workforce to the system, at such we'll provide the best professionals in their area of specialty and with the right supervision.

smart homes construction services in Nigeria

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